Bootcamp-Level 2: Geek-newbie


"Stir" your child's interest in Software Development in an extremely fun, easy and memorable way! This time it's Android mobile app development; a continuation programme from our Geek-wannabe Bootcamp.

Please come join us for another great easy-to-learn modules inclusive of hands-on workshops, games, snacks, etc conducted by our experienced instructors and coders. Let us lay the foundation of coding concepts into their minds!

There are only 20 seats available so first come first serve. Bring a buddy and you will save even more !


9-15 years old

Bring Your Own Device

  • Laptop with Windows 7 or above or Mac OS
  • Android phone (Android 4.0 and above)
  • Android Tab or iPad (for 1st day)


  • RM 500 per pax
  • RM 399 per pax, if you bring one or more buddies


RM 150 device(s) rental fee

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9:00am 5:00pm
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  • RM 500 per pax
  • RM 399 per pax, if you bring one or more buddies
  • RM 150 device(s) rental fee

Our Geeks will be in touch shortly, or reach out anytime at sales@CrazyGeeks.tech or chat with us.

CrazyGeeks Kids: Bootcamps and classes

It's 9 to 15 years old. However, we have taken younger and older children. Please give us a call if you are not sure.
We encourage your child bring your device (BYOD). So you child can continue their learning at home. Other materials, we will supply, including food & drinks.‚ Let me know if your child has special diet. Please refer to our class flyer for specific devices your child should bring.
We starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.
We are imparting coding concepts and theories to experiential learning and creative thinking. In our guided workshop, your child will experience first hand coding. They will be participating in group and individual activities.
If you need more info, please contact us.
No - We don't actually teach real games coding, but we have a few guided modules that allow your child a experience a taste of games creation.
However, coding is the basic fundamental of game programming. So in order to create/code games he needs to know the basic.
For Bootcamps we limit to 20 students.

For weekly classes, we limit to 5 students per class
Please check with us on weekly classes, we may opening in different time slot.